Secure RV Storage in Vaughan, ON

Travel trailers, campers and motorhomes give us ways to experience a vacation (or a fun weekend trip) in a whole new way. But when the snow starts to arrive in many parts of the country, you better have your plans laid out as to what to do when you are not using your RV.
We understand you may have to go on that last-minute Christmas shopping spree. After all, it’s incredibly satisfying to see how the whole family appreciates those ingenious gifts! However, since your recreational vehicle probably represents a big investment on your part, it stands to reason you would want to protect it during the off-season.
Ample room for your RV in Vaughan, ON
Our outdoor storage options give you plenty of space to store your recreational vehicles, whether you own a camper, a motorhome, or a fifth wheel. We always make sure our customers have a great experience, from the first moment they start planning RV storage to when they no longer need our services.
While it’s true that you could store your RV at home, you must always check with your city to find out if there are any regulations that prevent you from parking your vehicle on your property. You must also think about any possible security issues.

A safe facility is our top priority
If you have your back to the wall while trying to find an RV storage solution with enough security for your peace of mind, never fear! The inside environment of our storage facility has amazing security with keypad entry and the property is fenced and monitored using high-definition video cameras.
Another way to make sure your camper is properly stored and secure is by doing what most RV owners refer to as “winterizing the RV”. Things like protecting your vehicle’s water system from freezing or making sure the tires have enough pressure right before storage will allow you to keep your vehicle safe when you are not away on an adventure.
What’s the next step?
Come by and take a tour of our brand new storage facility in Vaughan, Ontario. From the moment you walk in, we will make sure the service is impeccable and the entire process is simple!