Vehicle Storage in Vaughan, ON

In a big city like Vaughan, Ontario with plenty of public transportation, from bus routes on main roads to multiple subway lines, you may prefer not to own a car. If you do own a car, though, there are plenty of reasons to find a good auto storage solution for those times when you don’t expect to be using your vehicle.
Reason #1 - Parking Fees
Paying a monthly car parking fee can feel like paying a second rent. Car storage is a safe and cost-effective way to store cars in the city without worrying about high parking costs.
Reason #2 - Security Issues
Even if you don’t leave your car in a public parking lot and manage to cut costs in that area, leaving cars on the street is risky. The vehicle can even get towed by different government agencies if it’s parked illegally.
Reason #3 - Local Climate
Maybe you are going somewhere warm for several months. Or maybe you own a convertible that’s just not suitable for cold weather driving. No matter your situation, putting your vehicle in long-term storage offers many benefits.

Reason #4 - Seasonal Jobs
Some jobs keep people away from home for weeks or months at a time. If you are going to leave town for a job, you are sure to love our month-to-month rentals. Our customers decide how long they want to stay.

Reason #5 - Not Enough Space
You may not have enough garage space, for instance. A reliable car storage solution allows you to keep that classic Mustang in a secure environment and protect your investment.

Our storage facility in Vaughan offers video surveillance, perimeter fencing, and all the security features you need to keep your vehicles safe and secure. We have an immaculate space that is highly recommended for collectors of all types. If you also need multiple storage units for household belongings, we’ll even reconfigure the units to suit your storage needs!

Whether you store your personal car or commercial van here, you will get convenient, seven-day access to it. We will show you around and help you choose the best car storage solution for your needs, so don’t hesitate to visit our storage units in Vaughan, Ontario!